Julie || Fun Empowerment Session || Dogdoir?? ||Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

June 7, 2020

Can you even with this session?? I was so excited when Julie was on the search for a photographer to photograph boudoir for her, and wanted to include her Great Dane, Zelda. I immediately was all “ME PLEASE!” Having no idea what to expect, it ended up being such an adventure and so much fun to photograph the two together. Julie is such a sweet soul, and so was Zelda, even though the words “dog park!” were flying around hah! Is dogdoir a thing? Maybe it can be now! Julie rocked her session, and it’s extra meaningful to me because Julie did this just for herself! She’s been on a healthy, self love journey, and I’m so thankful that I was able to capture a small part of that for her. That is always my goal with empowerment sessions! While it’s cool if you want to do a session to share with your partner, I think it’s EVEN BETTER when you do it to celebrate yourself. Meet yourself where you’re at, embrace who you are, and ride that self-love train. It’s a journey my friends, and a practice, so keep that in mind.

Sometimes Self-love and self care seems like a really lofty goal, and a super hip term. Self love and self care are so individual, and different people need different things to reach a place of growth and self awareness. In regards to our bodies, I think even being body neutral is a great place to be. To know that our looks and bodies don’t determine our value or worth, but also recognizing that our bodies are such a gift. We tend to hate our bodies, pick them apart, and criticize them, when we should be thanking them. I’ve often struggled with this with my gut issues, skin, and my port wine stain (I have a half pink leg and right butt cheek haha!). Once I was doing yoga, and she said to thank your body as we were rubbing our abdomen, and I just cried. Straight up, became a blubbering baby. Thank goodness this was a home practice haha I realized that so often, I’m angry with my body. Wishing it functioned differently, creating shame about my birthmark, wishing it was just different all together….but when we switch to gratefulness, so many things change. My journey will be a lifelong one I’m sure, but I’m so dang thankful to be on the road to being grateful for my body (thanks therapy, yoga, and meditation!) Anyways, keep riding those ebbs and flows my friends, and be kind to yourself. <3